If you have an even amount of players, pair up in teams of 2. Sit across from your teammate so you aren’t next to each other. All the rules are the same except for a few small tweaks.

Each round is a race to get 20 total cards between you and your teammate. It doesn’t matter which teammate has the cards, you just need 20 between the 2 of you. The team who gets 20 cards first wins the round and gets +10 points. Then add both teammates points together.

Only play action cards in your own hand, not your partner’s hand. As for the Lucky Loser roll, if your team ends with 6 or less total cards between both players, your team gets 1 Lucky Loser roll. Use both players hands during the Bonus Roll. If your team wins a round, choose which player rolls first in the next round.

If you have an odd amount of players and still want to play teams, the solo person wins a round with 10 cards in their points pile. At the end of a round, double the points in the solo players points pile.