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- If you have multiple action cards, choose which one to play first, but play them all before going on with your turn.
- The rolls used for action cards don’t count as one of the rolls for your turn.
- In the first round, the Bunk ‘em and Boost ‘em action cards don’t add or subtract points from any player.
- The golden 7 is not an action card. It’s just worth more points than a regular 7.
- If you’re in first place and you have a Bunk ‘em card, you have to play it and bunk yourself.


- Start the Bonus Roll with 3 cards in your hand.
- If you drew an action card after your third roll, play it first but still don’t draw a new card. Then continue your Bonus Roll.


- There’s no order to who draws a new card first.
- If you run out of cards in the draw pile, just keep playing until someone gets 10 cards in their points pile. If that’s not possible, end the round and nobody gets the +10 points.


- Both number and action cards in your points pile count as 1 or your 10 cards.
- You can arrange your points pile so other players don’t know how many cards you have, but you can’t hide your points pile.
- If someone asks how many cards you have in your points pile you don’t have to tell them. But you do have to keep your points pile visible.
- If multiple players get 10 cards in their points pile at the same time, they decide who wins the round with a Roll-Off.
- If a player reaches 10 cards at the same time another player reaches 11 or 12 cards, the player with the most cards wins the round.
- If you draw the same number you just added to your points pile, nothing happens.

- If you get 10 cards in your points pile first but don’t announce it, the player who announces it first gets the +10 points.
- If you go over 10 cards because of multiples, you keep them.
- If you go over 10 cards by accident, discard the extras.


- On your first roll, if nobody has the number rolled move onto your second roll.
- You can only pick 1 number per roll.
- You’re allowed to pick nothing on your 2nd and 3rd rolls if no option matches what’s in your hand.


- You can’t hide the cards in your hand.
- You’re not allowed to skip a roll or skip your turn.
- When someone chooses a number that’s in your hand you have to add it to your points pile.
- You’re allowed to look at the scoreboard at any time.


- You can’t go below zero points.
- You can’t win the game in the middle of a round even if you break 150.
- If multiple players break 150, the player with the highest score wins the game.
- If multiple players tie with the highest score above 150, decide who wins the game with a best-out-of-3 Roll-Off!
- Make sure you have 3 cards in your hand after your turn is finished.
-Points in your points pile aren’t added to your score until the end of the round.
-The point value of each number card is roughly based on the probability of rolling that number.


- When you roll 3-of-a-kind, those 3 dice still act as your third roll.