Make sure and try out our world famous cocktail, The Dardy: 1.5 shots of Bacardi Rum, a splash of strawberry lemonade, a splash of orange juice, a splash of soda water, a dash of grenadine, and garnished with a fresh lemon and lime. Give it a soft shake like you’re getting ready to roll some dice, and then enjoy it like a true playa.

You’ll have to get creative and make up some of your own drinking rules, but here are a few to get you started. It goes without saying to be safe, and don’t be a dummy…but have fun playing drinking DARDZ!

(You must be of the legal drinking age to play drinking DARDZ.)

- When you get “skunked” by missing on all 3 of your rolls, you drink.
- When you clean ‘em up by adding all of your cards to your points pile on the Bonus Roll, everyone else drinks.
- When you play the Clock, everyone drinks.
- When you get a Skull, you drink.
- When you guess right on the Jackpot, everyone drinks. When you guess wrong on the Jackpot, you drink.
- When you lose a Roll-Off, you drink.
- When you get points from Boost ‘em, you drink.
- When you lose points from Bunk ‘em, you drink.
- When you rolls Snake Eyes with 2 dice, everyone does a full cheers with eye contact, a nice clank, and then everyone drinks.
- When you roll and a dice falls off the table, you drink.
- When you roll 3-of-a-kind, everyone drinks.